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GB-968006-A: Process relating to ore benefication patent, GB-968905-A: Preparation of unsaturated di-carboxylic acids from cyclic poly-unsaturated hydrocarbons patent, GB-969469-A: Arrangement for stabilising ships patent, GB-970273-A: A circuit arrangement for sending signals through a junction line between two automatic telephone exchanges patent, GB-971825-A: Composite burner for propane and fuel-oil patent, GB-971988-A: Collapsible box patent, GB-972075-A: Improvements relating to servicing systems for nuclear reactors patent, GB-973911-A: Dihydroisoquinoline derivatives patent, GB-975691-A: Improvements in vehicles with elevating platforms or bodies patent, GB-975874-A: A process for the manufacture of aminomethylene-malononitrile patent, GB-975889-A: A method of and apparatus for conveying sheets from one location to another patent, GB-975902-A: Packaging with thermoplastic materials patent, GB-975981-A: Improvements relating to the production of fast wool dyeings and the resulting products patent, GB-976067-A: Tube connector for use in hearing aids patent, GB-976139-A: A cushioning garment support for ironing machines patent, GB-976485-A: Improvements in apparatus for the reduction of ferrous oxide by hydrogen patent, GB-977400-A: Method and apparatus for dyeing tubular knit material patent, GB-977427-A: Transformer diode shift matrix patent, GB-977740-A: Package patent, GB-977946-A: A feedback amplifier device patent, GB-978577-A: Improvements in or relating to tiles patent, GB-978702-A: Improvements in devices for moving stacks of crates patent, GB-979443-A: An adjustable compound spring element patent, GB-979766-A: Improvements in or relating to the manufacture of moulded articles patent, GB-979793-A: Fluid-operated disc-brake,for motor vehicles patent, GB-979907-A: Liner for radial-ply tires patent, GB-981070-A: Process for the separation of a mixture by means of extractive distillation patent, GB-981594-A: Improvements in or relating to tail gate assemblies patent, GB-981916-A: Apparatus for stripping off deposits from rotating heat exchangers patent, GB-982451-A: Improved puncture sealing material patent, GB-982503-A: Improvements relating to multi-storey building construction patent, GB-984122-A: Improvements in electromagnetic relays patent, GB-984845-A: Improvements in or relating to electrical thermal storage heaters patent, GB-985191-A: Improvements in or relating to tractor-trailer arrangements patent, GB-985707-A: Diazonium compounds of polyhydrodeca borates patent, GB-986072-A: Improvements relating to measuring the speed of moving webs or sheets patent, GB-987596-A: Improvements in and relating to the drive of work spindles in multi-spindle lathes patent, GB-987990-A: Combined tray table rack and serving table patent, GB-988038-A: Method and apparatus for cleaning metals and other materials with boiling solvents patent, GB-988335-A: Polymerisation process patent, GB-988467-A: A rotary ratio changer for transformers patent, GB-989339-A: Improvements relating to comparison circuit arrangements patent, GB-989855-A: Extrusion process and apparatus patent, GB-989943-A: Combined nightdress and sleeping bag for babies patent, GB-991180-A: Methods of and apparatus for friction welding patent, GB-991318-A: Finely divided metal oxides patent, GB-992253-A: Improvements in electrical oscillation generators patent, GB-992603-A: Electric lamp holder patent, GB-992708-A: Space heating apparatus patent, GB-992837-A: Improvements relating to rotary-piston internal combustion engines patent, GB-993825-A: Improvements in carburetting devices for internal combustion engines patent, GB-993863-A: Brush patent, GB-995483-A: Process for the preparation of chloroquinoxaline carboxylic acid derivatives patent, GB-996120-A: Coin counting apparatus patent, GB-996502-A: Esters containing an alkylhydroxyphenyl group and stabilisation of organic material therewith patent, GB-996511-A: Coating composition patent, GB-996540-A: Motor vehicle gear selector mechanisms patent, GB-997027-A: Improvements relating to acoustic and radio-frequency measuring systems including screened chambers patent, GB-997456-A: Improvements in or relating to stiffening means for panels patent, GB-998112-A: A handle for a carrier bag patent, GB-999404-A: Substituted 2-hydroxy-benzo[a]quinolizines and a process for the manufacture thereof patent, GB-999471-A: Improvements in or relating to apparatus for treatment of shoe components patent, JP-2000000370-A: 遊技機の不正防止装置 patent, JP-2000000833-A: スラッシュ成形用金型 patent, JP-2000000877-A: Bottomed parison for biaxial stretch blow molding, stretch blow molding method, stretch blow-molded product, resin globe to be integrated with cover of electric bulb or fluorescent light, biaxial stretch blow molding method, and biaxial stretch blow-molded product patent, JP-2000001409-A: Antibacterial and antifungal smoking agent patent, JP-2000002466-A: 車両用空調装置のコンプレッサ保護装置 patent, JP-2000002817-A: 光導波路プラットフォームとその製造方法 patent, JP-2000002875-A: Electro-optic display device patent, JP-2000003164-A: 画像表示システム patent, JP-2000004295-A: 紛失カードの拾得情報通知方式 patent, JP-2000007345-A: Vacuum deforming unit for molten glass patent, JP-2000007471-A: Ceramic member patent, JP-2000010015-A: Microscopic examination support apparatus patent, JP-2000010498-A: Reflection type display device patent, JP-2000011279-A: 遠隔監視装置 patent, JP-2000011316-A: 磁気ヘッド patent, JP-2000011527-A: ディスクプレーヤーのディスク種類判別方法 patent, JP-2000011761-A: White insulating paste composition patent, JP-2000011923-A: 電気絶縁体および電気絶縁体が装着された陰極線管 patent, JP-2000011980-A: Sealed battery patent, JP-2000012018-A: 非水二次電池 patent, JP-2000012305-A: Chip type fuse resistor patent, JP-2000012517-A: Method for surface treatment patent, JP-2000012860-A: Manufacture of semiconductor insulator laminated film and manufacture of thin-film transistor patent, JP-2000012953-A: 半導体レーザ素子及びその製造方法 patent, JP-2000013395-A: Switch having confirming function of atm status panel patent, JP-2000013483-A: 携帯電話機の補助電源装置 patent, JP-2000013855-A: 多段階判定処理方法および装置、多段階判定処理プログラムを記録した記録媒体、並びにtdma方式移動体通信システムにおける送信方法および送信装置、tdma方式移動体通信システムにおける送信方法に使用するための処理プログラムを記録した記録媒体 patent, JP-2000015549-A: 眼鏡レンズ加工装置 patent, JP-2000015636-A: 切断したペットボトル細片の多段洗浄脱水乾燥方法とその多段洗浄脱水装置 patent, JP-2000015918-A: Electrostatic printing master plate patent, JP-2000016053-A: Air conditioner for vehicle patent, JP-2000016772-A: 油圧ウィンチ patent, JP-2000017480-A: Plating method patent, JP-2000017486-A: ニッケル系めっき鋼板の化学処理法 patent, JP-2000018313-A: Liquid filled mount patent, JP-2000018426-A: Cutoff valve driving and controlling device patent, JP-2000018586-A: 暖 炉 patent, JP-2000018985-A: 情報通信装置 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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